Monday, March 28, 2016

Back on Blogger

Well, it has definitely been a long time since my last post; however, now that our website links to the blog and so much of my daily drudgery paperwork at the shop has been decreased with the new POS system, I can be here for all of you on a more regular basis.

visit The Quilted Nest to check out our new site.  All of our classes are viewable & new stock will also be available for purchase as it comes in!  This is an exciting step forward and just another time saver as I will no longer be manning a seperate ETSY site.

Some of the things I will be looking to accomplish here at the blog are thoughts on different sewing/quilting processes.  Maybe a tutorial or two, and general thoughts.

Thanks Like Sew for an amazing transition into a whole new way of doing business and creating more time for me to engage and most importantly....SEW