Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sewing 101

I get so many calls, practically on a daily basis, regarding interest in learning to sew.  What a tragedy that so many school districts have been forced to take out the arts, including domestic arts, due to budet crunches.  People have always felt the need to create and now are struggling to find their path because they are missing that beginning piece of the puzzle that gives them the foundation of skills on which to build.  As I look around I see more and more start up businesses that focus on filling those gaps.  Right here in Collingswood, NJ there is my shop which features quilting/sewing, an overall education business that focuses on a variety of short, informational and hands on classes, and coming soon a kitchen shop that will also have cooking lessons.  While I am a great fan of small business opportunities it is also a sad reminder of the educational gaps in our school districts.  Hopefully, the birth of these new businesses will fill the gap and not exclude those people who may not be able to afford private classes and counted on learning a basic skill within their formal education classes.



  1. I think all of the home ec and wood shop classes were seen as essential up through the 1970s and later they were looked down on, they weren't for the college bound and some of the colleges look at them too much that way. Unfortunately the NCAA for scholarships probably does too; they don't count anything they don' see as academic. I am glad I had home ec in 7th and 8th grade.