Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sorry for the extreme delay on what was promised to be a weekly post....I guess the "one man show" shop ownership is getting to me.  Fingers crossed that I can afford some additional help in the new year!!

On to Part 2.....


We all love the inspiration we find in purchasing new patterns and books.  (and shop owners love selling them to you)!  However, in these economic tough times, think about all of the free and reduced price places where you can find that same inspiration and instruction.

1.  First and foremost is the internet.  Google the type of pattern you are looking for and add the words free pattern to the search and see what you come up with.  i.e. - you are looking for a christmas tree skirt pattern type "free christmas tree skirt pattern" into your search engine and spend a few minutes looking through what's out there.  BE AWARE!!! Most free patterns have not been tested so you may well find that the patterns are not always 100% reliable.  An experienced sewer can usually spot a glaring boo read thru the instructions carefully prior to cutting into your beloved fabric.

2.  Revisit your personal (or public) library.  If you are like me you cannot part with any of your back issue magazines or books.  Sit down with your favorite beverage and page through some of those old issues.  The fabrics may come and go, but the patterns remain timeless.

3.  Check the class schedules at your LQS.  I have started adding in some classes that make use of "free" patterns...I would rather have my customer save a few bucks on a pattern and still be able to come in to take the class and purchase a higher quality fabric from me.

4.  Sale! Sale! Sale!  Every LQS has a sale area whether it's patterns, fabric or notions,  check through those carefully so that you can add something new at a reduced may give up a stamp on your loyalty/reward card but the savings are worth it!

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