Thursday, July 7, 2011

Update...Quilts of Valor

Just Arrived from Moda
200 Star Blocks!!

 You can imagine my surprise when I opened a package from Moda and in it were 200 star blocks from quilters all over the country.  Apparently, when Moda put the call out for Just One Star in the hopes of collecting 1800....they actually collected 10,000!!!  The excess star blocks were then sent back out to the Regional Coordinators of the Quilts of Valor program for use in quilts to be made for the program.

As you can see, I used the Flag of Valor pattern for my setting.  This uses 18 of the star blocks with alternating strip rows and a top piece to resemble a flag.  Quick and wonderful way to get a top done.  If anyone is interested in making a quilt for the program...please contact me and I will arrange to get as many stars to you or your group as you request.  All I ask is that when your top is complete you go to the website and complete the necessary steps toward donation.  I am also selling the finishing kit for the Flag of Valor as I have it shown, if you wish to purchase that and have it shipped with your stars.  Shop phone 856-240-1410.

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