Friday, July 29, 2011

Quiltonomics 101

Good Morning Bloggers:

I am going to spend the next few posts (hopefully 1 per week) going over some of the ways that we can continue to pursue our passion during this economic crunch that doesn't seem to want to end!   I am calling this mini-course

QUILTONOMICS 101 - The Basics of Quilting thru a bad Economy!

As some of you are aware, I recently opened my own Quilt Shop.  (Who does this in an economic crisis??).  There are many ways that you can still follow your quilting passion, still support your local shops and get your "fix", all while saving money!!

.  This is my first savings gift to you...visiting my blog and picking up these little short cuts and tips is free rather than having to purchase a book magazine to gain some of this insight!

Some of you may already be using alot of these tricks; but for some it might just set off that little lightbulb that makes you say.....YES, I can continue to quilt through this!!  Follow my ramblings on this subject and please comment and spread the word about this blog and mini-course!