Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Riley Blake - I Wanna Be A Cowboy & Contest

I just finished redo - ing one of my two front windows. In honor of the 2011 collection from Riley Blake - I wanna be a cowboy 2 - we are in full western mode. Hop

on over to The Quilted Nest facebook page to participate in the Western Window contest I am running now through Monday May 30th.

I will make every attempt to keep the bloggers up to date with the shop happenings as well as the projects I am working on. In the window you will see the sample quilt featuring the fabric line (this is a free pattern from Riley Blake) also, I have recovered some very cool stirrup lamps so that the shades use the theme fabric, and finally made a decorative pennant string to pull it all together.

Hope to see some of you soon on my fb page as well as here....spread the word!!

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