Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Quilting Anyone ??

I have freed myself this year! I did not promise any christmas gifts that had to do with quilting or any type of sewing craft!! While I may be making a little something here or there,(or finishing previously promised gifts); I have found that by taking away the promise of a quilted gift I have opened myself back up to the joy of giving something handcrafted. I have eliminated the undo stress of the deadline that takes so much of the pleasure from our craft. I have decided that any quilted gift I give will be given as a surprise to the receiver who has no idea that I might have been working on the item for a year....or three!
Additionally, I will be giving when items are completed and that will add to the joy of the surprise....everyone loves a gift when it is not a special occassion makes the gift and giving even more special.
Let me know how you all plan to handle your homemade holiday it quilting; baking; or other crafting.

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