Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going green and Fabric giveaway/ contest

I have just recently been enlightend!! I learned that in NJ (and possibly other states), you can actually choose your electric provider!! Your electricity will still be delivered by your local utility and you will still see the same bill, but you can choose where your energy comes from. I have recently chosen a company called Virdian. They are a company that provides green/renewable energy. Through the link below you can change your provider to Viridian, choose how much green/renewable energy you would like to receive and possibly save money while doing your part to save the planet. Simply go to (copy and paste to your browser) to save money on your electric bill and help save the planet. Grab your electric bill, click the link. At the top of the page click the tab that says energy service, click on enroll now and follow the instructions. If you choose 20% green you can save up to 10% on your electric bill...if you click on 100% green in might cost you a little more but you are saving much more of our planet for future generation.
Let me know if you have something similar in your area or if you join up through my link!! I will be giving away a quilting prize for a random comment to this let me know what you think!! It will be a goodie bag of fabric swatches and a pattern from my last shop hop! The contest will run through November 27th (my birthday!!)
Just think how much longer we can run our sewing machines while reducing our carbon (that is my sewing nod to this soapbox posting).

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  1. I cant contribute to the electricity discussion as I do not live in the States but I would certainly like to be counted in foryour giveaway. Reducing your carbon footprint is very much in the forefront of all environmental issues and everyone must start somewhere.