Monday, April 26, 2010

Playing Dolls.....

Recently, I have been playing with doll clothing. In 2 weeks my niece will make her First Holy Communion and I had her dress for hemming. Both my niece and her younger sister are big American Girl fans so I decided to make a communion dress for her American Girl Doll. It is a close facimile to my nieces' dress so I think she will be thrilled....(much more than I was trying to sew 1/4" seams with shredding satin..)

The next problem I faced was her younger sister. I just knew she would have a total meltdown if she didn't also get something for her doll. As her birthday is just days away from her sisters big day, I found a great pattern set for a little girl "sack" dress and matching 18" doll dress. I quickly whipped these up and will give her an early birthday present to avoid little girl meltdowns. The dress pattern is from Mindy Leone and you can find her both at etsy and her website