Monday, February 1, 2010

Yet another Direction

I am beginning to wonder if "creative" is simply a nice way to phrase an adult form of attention deficit disorder. My grannies are piling up nicely and I decided late saturday evening that I just HAD to make a handbag from some vintage barkcloth that I had laying around my studio. Turned out quite nice despite the manic way in which I attacked the project (usually when I get like this, I make more mistakes than they are worth repairing..hahaha).

This particular pattern was very easy and turned out a professional purse in a short amount of time. As with all sidetracked stitching projects, it has been listed on my etsy site. Thank goodness for least I feel like I can share all these projects that seem to overcome me at the oddest times and places!! Might add a few more....time to search the sewing room for more renegade vintage fabrics.

Let me know if you have these sudden crafting/sewing urges and what forms they might take.

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