Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stashtopia !!

Yes....I said Stashtopia....right now it describes the name of my completed "camp" quilt and this feeling I am having. I finished my "camp" quilt last night and have one of the biggest senses of accomplishment I have had in a long time (quilting related..lol). As I previously mentioned, I had been cutting 1.5" strips from my leftovers for a long, long, long...time. It was one of those things where you had good intentions, but if I honestly dig deep, I don't think I ever realllllllly planned on using them. Now, not only did I use up a good portion of those strips, but both the black and white fabric in this quilt was also in my stash!!! Only a very little scrap of the white left over and just enough of the black for the binding. Yea, for me and now you get where this indescribable feeling is coming from.

Now, if only I could find enough fabric in my loot for a backing I would probably have to go dance in the street. Given the fact that this quilt is 74" square, I seriously doubt that I have 4.5 yds of anything...or even enough of anything large enough for a pieced back. Instead, I will reward myself for both completing this in almost the weekend camp time frame and using up what I had on hand with some new yardage for the backing.

Oh, and did I mention I will NEVER be cutting 1.5" strips again from my leftovers?! Hmmmm, maybe squares from now on. Check out my previous post and leave a comment on that post to get in the running to win the rest of my leftover strips (still quite a few...)

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  1. I love that quilt - really do! It is so cool!