Friday, February 5, 2010

Camp Anyone???

this is my first foray into an internet quilting challenge???? if you hop over to Pat Sloans website she is doing a stash buster camp. Well there are two main things that pulled my into this.....first we are using strips....I have been cutting 1.5" strips from my leftover fabrics for YEARS!! I think I had a log cabin in mind at some point...but this pattern is just a little different. Also, I had two contrasting fabrics (black and white) that should pull all this mess into some kind of order. Second, this is a 3 day sew-a-thon and we are scheduled to be snowed in for the next 2 days at least off to camp I go. If you would like to join us go over and visit
I'll add pictures as I go if I can.....i don't multi task very well I'm either sewing or playing on the computer....I get into a zone and don't like to stop and switch gears....

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