Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update on my Checklist

Ok.... Ice skating costume for my niece...done...check.
Class description for Spring classes, dropped off - Machine Applique with Quilt As You Go..check, check.
Fabric purchased and ready for class samples...check, check, check....
snowed in again to make even more

Monday, February 22, 2010

Catching Up

Happy Monday All,
Sorry to have been quiet for so long, I am in serious catch up mode!! In 3 days, my class description is due for spring classes at The Little Shop....with the samples being due 10 days later....I have been hemming and hawing over what to do. I finally spoke with the shop owner and she indicated that she feels she needs to introduce more on machine applique. I have been up all night rolling this around (if you remember I did a class last fall on this technique). The question becomes, how to bring something new in order to inspire and motivate people. Well, I think I have it. I am going to do a small growth chart (you can pick either stacked sheep or a giraffe) from the book quilts, bibs, blankies...oh my! by Kim Schaefer. The twist to this is that we are going to machine applique and quilt at the same time. If the decorative stitching looks good on the front of the quilt, why isn't it just as lovely on the back as your quilting stitch?! What a great way to get those handmade gifts made in a jiffy and be the hit of any gift giving event.
Also, my niece is into competition ice skating. My brother was pricing the costumes and nearly had a heart attack over the price of a skate costume given the fact that she will be on the ice a grand total of one minute 20 seconds. This, of course, is where I come now I must venture into the world of dancewear....4 way stretch lycra....NEED I SAY MORE?!
I just dropped my camp quilt off to the machine quilter along with a gorgeous mariners compass made from a foundation package.
I will share everything as it comes off the machine...wish me luck!
Oh and did I forget to mention the HUGE fundraiser that I am helping to coordinate that falls right smack in the midst of all of this on March 6. It benefits our HS Marching Band and with all the continued budget cuts in the schools these types of fundraisers are the only way to keep the Marching program alive...so000000000 we must trudge on in the name of art whatever form it may take.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day & Winner

Good morning all hugs and kisses all around. The winner of my fabric strips is Michele. Please email me your shipping information at and I will get your winnings out to you.

Hope everyone has a happy day !!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stashtopia !!

Yes....I said Stashtopia....right now it describes the name of my completed "camp" quilt and this feeling I am having. I finished my "camp" quilt last night and have one of the biggest senses of accomplishment I have had in a long time (quilting As I previously mentioned, I had been cutting 1.5" strips from my leftovers for a long, long, long...time. It was one of those things where you had good intentions, but if I honestly dig deep, I don't think I ever realllllllly planned on using them. Now, not only did I use up a good portion of those strips, but both the black and white fabric in this quilt was also in my stash!!! Only a very little scrap of the white left over and just enough of the black for the binding. Yea, for me and now you get where this indescribable feeling is coming from.

Now, if only I could find enough fabric in my loot for a backing I would probably have to go dance in the street. Given the fact that this quilt is 74" square, I seriously doubt that I have 4.5 yds of anything...or even enough of anything large enough for a pieced back. Instead, I will reward myself for both completing this in almost the weekend camp time frame and using up what I had on hand with some new yardage for the backing.

Oh, and did I mention I will NEVER be cutting 1.5" strips again from my leftovers?! Hmmmm, maybe squares from now on. Check out my previous post and leave a comment on that post to get in the running to win the rest of my leftover strips (still quite a few...)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Camp Update and Fabric Giveaway

Well I am sewing away on my camp project. Here are photos of 2 of the final possible sets for my project. I am leaning heavily toward the "star". I actually moved the blocks around so many times, that I had to start taking pictures in order to remember what I did and if I liked it. This is a great way to see your quilts from a distance (zoom out) and decide which you like after you've had time to walk away and review them all objectively??!!

I am finding that the most discouraging part of this process is the fact that I am using 10 strips per set (rather than the 5 in the pattern due to the fact that I had so many 1.5" strips pre-cut) and the bag of strips does not seem to be reducing AT ALL!!! With the star set, I only need 7 more blocks....I will NEVER be rid of these strips...and now, after this project, I am tired of looking at them. I know I will not revisit them for another project. If you are interested in winning my bag of leftover strips for your next scrap project. Leave me a comment and I will draw a random winner.....let's say on valentines day!!! A little nod to our true love...FABRIC!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Camp Anyone???

this is my first foray into an internet quilting challenge???? if you hop over to Pat Sloans website she is doing a stash buster camp. Well there are two main things that pulled my into this.....first we are using strips....I have been cutting 1.5" strips from my leftover fabrics for YEARS!! I think I had a log cabin in mind at some point...but this pattern is just a little different. Also, I had two contrasting fabrics (black and white) that should pull all this mess into some kind of order. Second, this is a 3 day sew-a-thon and we are scheduled to be snowed in for the next 2 days at least off to camp I go. If you would like to join us go over and visit
I'll add pictures as I go if I can.....i don't multi task very well I'm either sewing or playing on the computer....I get into a zone and don't like to stop and switch gears....

Monday, February 1, 2010

Yet another Direction

I am beginning to wonder if "creative" is simply a nice way to phrase an adult form of attention deficit disorder. My grannies are piling up nicely and I decided late saturday evening that I just HAD to make a handbag from some vintage barkcloth that I had laying around my studio. Turned out quite nice despite the manic way in which I attacked the project (usually when I get like this, I make more mistakes than they are worth repairing..hahaha).

This particular pattern was very easy and turned out a professional purse in a short amount of time. As with all sidetracked stitching projects, it has been listed on my etsy site. Thank goodness for least I feel like I can share all these projects that seem to overcome me at the oddest times and places!! Might add a few more....time to search the sewing room for more renegade vintage fabrics.

Let me know if you have these sudden crafting/sewing urges and what forms they might take.