Friday, January 22, 2010

A Granny A Day Challenge

As I mentioned before, thanks to Pat Sloan, I am now engaged in the "A Granny a day" challenge. I have decided to do the hexagon squares. Attic 24 has great instructions for this particular granny. Here is the link to Attic 24's instruction page.
I have 18 completed and 4 to finish up today which would bring me current....we'll see if I get to it. The problem now is that I keep wanting more and more colors....back to the yarn shop (which is only 2 doors away from my favorite quilt shop) Might need to work Hope to see some of you playing in yarn and hope to meet some new friends along the way.

The link to join in on the grannie a day challenge is and click on the heading A Granny A Day.


  1. Wow, hexagons! ~They look so great, fabulous colours might head off to check out that pattern, maybe it's time to move on from squares!

  2. I agree and once you make the first one they are just as fast and easy as the squares