Friday, January 22, 2010

A Granny A Day Challenge

As I mentioned before, thanks to Pat Sloan, I am now engaged in the "A Granny a day" challenge. I have decided to do the hexagon squares. Attic 24 has great instructions for this particular granny. Here is the link to Attic 24's instruction page.
I have 18 completed and 4 to finish up today which would bring me current....we'll see if I get to it. The problem now is that I keep wanting more and more colors....back to the yarn shop (which is only 2 doors away from my favorite quilt shop) Might need to work Hope to see some of you playing in yarn and hope to meet some new friends along the way.

The link to join in on the grannie a day challenge is and click on the heading A Granny A Day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Something a little different

hello all:

I have had an itch to work with yarn lately. I might have been pat sloan's granny square throw down lol, but I can't be sure. I have crocheted in the past and find the need to revisit this craft. I started with a little swing sweater for my granddaughter. Unfortunately, it left the house before I was able to photograph it. I have now moved onto this cute little sundress pattern I found on HGTV's website. It features a crocheted bodice and cotton skirt. I love it so much I have bought yarns in bright pink, turquoise, lime green....well you get the idea.....and cotton fabrics to coordinate with each color of yarn. The first came out waaaaayyyyy bigger than it's intended size so I have listed it on etsy while I move onto the next maybe the pink or melon and hopefully it will turn out the size I need for my Maggie.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I just received a "friend" request on my facebook account today from Moda United Notions. While I love to "friend" and follow my favorite quilting celebs on seems that facebook is becoming less "friendly" and more of a place for people to cross advertise their latest wares.
Let me know what you think about this new trend.....and certainly friend request me if you are a live person and quilter lol. Robin Laino is the name to search.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Movin On.....

Well, thank goodness, I kept my quilting resolution list short.
1. I finished machine quilting and binding the christmas tree quilt...(and enjoyed it on my lap for 24 hours before it went away with the holiday decorations)
2. Caught up on my block of the month and picked up my January block.
3. Helped out at the local shop for their big inventory sale.
4. Shopped for more FABRIC!!!!!
Now I am READY to start quilting my way through 2010 with no lingering guilt.

Happy Quilting,