Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fa la la......

Working on a new pattern and my gift to me will be a trip to one of my favorite fabric's just enough of a drive that it's a real treat when i get to go. I'm hoping to find a collection to test out my new pattern with...fingers crossed!!
And many of you might ask....don't you have baking, decorating, and other holiday "stuff" to get done???? My answer is YES, I do!!!; however, I am having good days and bad days over this holiday. Last year my daughter and grandson were living with us and we had the "majic and wonder" back again. We really did up the decorations!! You could land small aircraft via our outside lights, my husband brought down his fathers lionel trains and we moved out furniture to build our train town and small wonderland...and it was wonderful!! Well, we went ahead and did the same thing this year; but there are no babies living daughter and grandson have moved out (as they are supposed to do) and although they stop on a regular basis as well as my grand just isn't the same. I'm dreading christmas morning....myself, my husband, and a 16 year old who would rather sleep in than open presents......SOOOOOO this fabric fix is my quilters version of retail therapy.
I have included pics of our holiday gala so some of you can share the "wonder".

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