Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my quilting, blogging friends. I hope this year brings much health, happiness and productivity. Have you made any quilting resolutions.....clean your studio, organize your stash, take a class, make more time to sew???? Let me know what you have lined up for 2010. Remember the christmas quilt top that I swore I'd have done and bound for the holiday????? (scroll back if you don't) well it is still under the needle of my machine with about 1/3 left to quilt. That is my FIRST project of the new year....clean up the old years left

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa:

At this point in my life, I'm not sure what you are looking for in a good girl any more.....

1. Do good girls sneak bags of fabric into the house in their grocery bags thus making it look as though there might actually be food in the house???? (I am using my re-useable grocery bags after all!!
2. Do good little girls blog about, read up on, and spend inordinate amounts of time quilting?? Even if they swear they're going to donate the next project to a worthwhile charity??
3. Do good little girls make their husbands believe the water and sewer bill get paid monthly instead of quarterly while they divert the excess funds to their favorite fabric store. (I am after all helping the economy)
Taking all of this into consideration, I feel that I can reasonably make a christmas wish from Santa: I would like the Blush Fat Quarter Bundle by basicgrey from

P.S. - I did take time out of my quilting activities to bake so there will be cookies here if you should stop with my gift!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fa la la......

Working on a new pattern and my gift to me will be a trip to one of my favorite fabric's just enough of a drive that it's a real treat when i get to go. I'm hoping to find a collection to test out my new pattern with...fingers crossed!!
And many of you might ask....don't you have baking, decorating, and other holiday "stuff" to get done???? My answer is YES, I do!!!; however, I am having good days and bad days over this holiday. Last year my daughter and grandson were living with us and we had the "majic and wonder" back again. We really did up the decorations!! You could land small aircraft via our outside lights, my husband brought down his fathers lionel trains and we moved out furniture to build our train town and small wonderland...and it was wonderful!! Well, we went ahead and did the same thing this year; but there are no babies living daughter and grandson have moved out (as they are supposed to do) and although they stop on a regular basis as well as my grand just isn't the same. I'm dreading christmas morning....myself, my husband, and a 16 year old who would rather sleep in than open presents......SOOOOOO this fabric fix is my quilters version of retail therapy.
I have included pics of our holiday gala so some of you can share the "wonder".

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pattern Shopping

Hey All:
Just thought I'd share the newest place to find me. The Quilt Pattern Shoppe at I am one of their new designers and my pattern will also be for sale there as well as at my etsy shop. I am trying to install a Pattern Shoppe button on my blog so you can hop right on over there and pick up your copy and see what all the other talented designers there have to offer. Lots of inspiration to keep you quilting happily all winter long.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Better Pics

Here is a much nicer picture of my new quilt. See my etsy shop if you would like to purchase either the pdf. or hard copy of the pattern. Plenty available lol.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pattern finished and available...YEAH

I finally finished the mock up quilt for the pattern I wrote. The pattern is titled Pop Art Poppies. I choose this name beccause the large blocks were to be an abstract flower. I love the asian feel and simple elegance of the design. Very easy piecing with a real WOW factor finished. I have to take a much better photo of the finished project for the pattern cover, but the pattern is available through my etsy website via pdf. file (which is a little cheaper) and the hard copy will be available as soon as I get the perfect photo taken. This is great for any large scale floral that you don't want to cut up with splashed of accents for jazz.
The real final touch to this is the quilting. My longarm quilter used a gold metallic thread and the large open areas has the bamboo quilted all over and there is a floral design in the large blocks and along the pieced border added to the "floral" theme. Love, Love, Love it...this picture does not do it justice.