Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The two E's

Sorry for the constant delay in posts...but the holidays aren't even here and I find myself distracted. I just finished up the quilt for my first pattern, edited the pattern, and have sent it off to the longarmer for finishing. Once finished, I will definately post pictures and the finished pattern cover here for all of your input before finalizing for print.

And the two E's....ebay and order to scrounge up some much needed christmas cash, I have been listing items on both my etsy and ebay sites.. you can look me up by seller name on ebay, the name is robquilts. Some items are crossing over both sites..whoever buys first lol, but most of my vintage items for sale are on ebay and handmade on etsy.

And there is turkey day looming next week. I am cooking; therefore the shopping and planning and prep for that has started......

Enough!!!! I am off to the sewing room with no phones or computer or family distractions for the entire day tomorrow. It's a date I am making with me, for me.

Let me know how you find the time for your passion...especially when life gets in the way.

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