Monday, October 26, 2009

SHHHHH don't tell

Okay has been waaaayyyyy to long since my last post. Unfortunately, I have been working on a test pattern for a I can't show that :(. Along with that I have been working on my own pattern...mess in progress...not ready to show that :( Hand quilting a project for a client...that one is not mine to share :( ....and so it has been going in my studio.

HOWEVER, I am going to share my guild challenge project with you. It is due on November 11 and I think we are close enough for a show and tell here. It is a "paint chip" project. You reached into a bag, pulled out a random paint card with 4 colors in it and were asked to created a quilt in those colors. Can't measure larger than 50x50. No bags, clothing etc....must be quilt or table runner.

My quilt measures 45x45 it is the nosegay pattern. I hand quilted this and used a wool bat. It was the first time I tried the wool and it is lovely. Has just enough loft to show off the hand quilting, but still lies flat....which is how I like my quilts. I fussy cut the "petals" in order to get a kaldiescope effect and modernized this old fashioned pattern.

Let me know what kinds of challenges you are working on and if you're not....go find one!! It is fun to work within a certain set of parameters that might normally not be your comfort zone.

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  1. Robin,

    That is really cute!!! You sure did a lot of fussy cutting...