Tuesday, August 11, 2009

HEEELLLLPPPPP! with a giveaway!

Ok, I have shared my camera dilemmas and now my blackberry is acting up. The keys are sticking and won't write what I say...i spend more time deleting and rewriting than I would actually picking up the phone and having a full blown conversation. This is my mission for you, should you choose to accept it ...(channeling a little mission impossible)

Let know your experiences, likes and dislikes on digital cameras, phones or both and I will pull a random winner on August 30. The winner will receive 68 flannel 6" squares shown above.


  1. My post got eaten!

    Cell phone - doesn't do much except allow me to answer phone, text a message, and maybe take a photo (i've used that feature twice..)

    My digital camera...I love!!! canon power shot A570is...

    Best features:
    1) view finder - you know that little area you hold up to your face and eye to see photo through..

    2) large screening space on the back...

    3) zoom is fun and easy to work

  2. My cell phone is a Motorola and it really ok. I had a Samsung before this one and it was awful! Couldn't hear on it and no reception anywhere! I have a digital camera that is old, old old! Its a Kodak and has served me well. Only problem with it is when you think the picture is centered its actually off to the right. I think its a problem that has been solved with more recent generations of Kodak cameras