Saturday, July 25, 2009

Class Sample 2

Hello All:

Sorry for the posting delay....lots going on. My hubby turns 50 next week and I am trying to pull off a surprise bd party for later today but as many of you may know, the harder you try to plan the goofier things go. Everytime I turned around this week he was there!! It will truly be a miracle if he is surprised later

On to quilting. I recently finished this little table topper. This will be another class sample for the fall class I am teaching from the Sizzlin' Sixties booklet. Same basic triangle turned a different way gives a whole new look (not to mention a totally different fabric selection). In case you missed the first sample it was the Opposites Attract in an earlier post...go to older posts to see that one. This one I machine quilted myself and it turned out fairly well, if I do say so myself...

1 comment:

  1. Your table topper is cute and you did a great job on the quilting!