Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Came First???

Did you ever buy the most wonderful fabric and have no idea what you would use it for..but had to have it??? I bet you did...lol.... Well in my case (only one example of many impulse purchases...) I bought this gorgeous patriotic print about a year ago. Not only did I buy it, but I bought enough of the stuff to make sure no matter what I decided to do I would have enough..and then some. Well lo and behold, while taking a road trip to a quilt store I hadn't previously visited, I turned up the perfect pattern and fabric to turn my impulse buy into a quilt. In this case, the backing. The pattern is a free one from http://www.quiltedtreasures.com/ and the fabric was purchased at the quilt shop, but is also available through the website. Now my quilt has some of the backing fabric fussy cut to act as centers on my front.....why you might ask?! I thought I knew more than the pattern designer and when I purchased the fabric for the centers I just knew that there were more motifs than I could possibly need. so I bought less than the recommended yardage.....WRONG. When you cut them to the designated size, you lose all the surrounding motifs so I was very, very short. Instead of going back for more (which I usually do) I decided to fussy cut some of my original fabric to add in...you can see them with the white background. They do stand out more than what the original pattern called for; however, I think they add a little zing to the front. I can't wait to get it quilted and enjoy both the front and back.
So in my case which came first? The backing!!! How about you?

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  1. Think that turned out really nice...I'm always buying fabric without knowing what I am going to do with it...