Friday, June 26, 2009

It's The Little Things

Some days there is so much satisfaction in doing some of the mindless little things of our quilting craft. In this case, I spent several hours making and pressing the bindings for 3 quilts that went off to the quilter....I believe you have seen them all.....the plaid is for the Opposites Attract, the burgundy for the tropical kaleidoscope, and the fireworks for the patriotic quilt. They are made and ready to go whenever the quilts come back. I felt a real sense of accomplishment as well as relief in having them done. I know that when the quilts come back I won't have that extra job waiting for me and I can get right to the finishing up of them :)

Along that same note, I finished labeling and binding a challenge quilt and have the binding stitched on and ready to hand finish on a workshop quilt....debating whether to share the challenge with you guys, I'm really, really pleased with the result and it doesn't have to be turned in until November....not sure I can wait until then to post...

1 comment:

  1. Like your bindings...I like to have all that ready to go too...

    Oh, please show us!!!!