Friday, May 8, 2009

Zig Zag

Once again I get side tracked from quilting. I have been "sweatshop" sewing gift items for my Etsy website. And I was so close to done another quilt. I am taking an etsy break and moving forward with this quilt. It is a 4 patch Kaleidoscope pattern and is turning out very nicely. I'm not really crazy about the skinny sashing....(but anything skinny gets my Picture of work in progress on my design wall. The block setting is 6x8 so you can see I have the top 4 rows assembled with the bottom four to go. When I get to the outer borders, I will use the original fabric so that you can see how it changes so dramatically when cut in these kaleidoscope blocks.

TIP: When it comes to assembling my quilts, I find it much easier to assemble the rows in two equal half then join the halves together. Much less bulk to deal with until the very last seam. :)

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