Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sidetracked Again!

Well I have been sewing and although I haven't posted anything recent to my blog most of my pics have been going on my etsy website. Came into a large lot of old store stock. 16.5 yds of toile (plus some loose cuts)...yards and yards of knotted fringe on its original spool....hundreds of buttons...and some retro 70's fabric and toweling...

I have listed most of these items as is; however, i turned the loose cuts of toile into some fab market tote bags since we are all going green and passing on the plastic bags...(how many of you forget your reusable totes in the car or home???...I'm so trying to get better at I am also thinking of turning the 70's towels into totes...they were never really asthetically pleasing so I think thats the perfect reuse for them. Also, they were so coarse and heavy they will make a nice sturdy bag...keep your eyes open for them, they will be coming soon!

Here is a pic of the toile tote...hope I have enough left over to keep one for myself!

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