Thursday, March 19, 2009

When do we call ourselves artists?? or professionals?? I seems harder for me to view myself in that light due to the fact that if I am speaking to anyone other than a quilter I feel like I'm defending myself. I finally in my own mind do consider myself an artist, even though most of my work is from other peoples patterns, I am still the color picker outer and sweatshop seamstress....I am having more trouble with the tag "professional". I have been teaching hand quilting for the past year and have recently been asked to teach another series on decorative machine applique. I just sold one of my quilts on my etsy site for a reasonable sum of money...when do I get to be a professional?! Just because I sew in barefeet and pajamas and don't don a suit and heels everyday shouldn't disqualify me...I guess I've spent so many years in that suit and heels I just can't get past the concept. Tell me how you see yourself as a quilter and maybe we can all break this roadblock together!


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