Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Back!!

Well...Finally, computer is back and good as new. The wonderful people at HP were also kind enough to restore all of my original information so that I did not have to go through the drudgery of reinstalling everything. It probably happened that way due to the fact that I actually backed everything up to a flash in the event that I would need a new motherboard (and I did)!!

On to quilting! As promised I am posting the latest quilt that was returned from my machine quilter. This was a swap exchange with 19 other quilters from my local shop..(also the shop where I teach). This was a first for me and turned out to be very enjoyable. Not only that but the blocks finished at 20"x20" so when they came back you had an "insta" further borders required. If you notice, my print was directional and when I received my blocks back some people minded the directions and others did not. At first, I thought this was going to bother me, but once together it was just fine!! as a matter of fact I think it adds a little interest and quirkiness. For those of you who may not have participated in a swap yet, the rules are as follows:

The coordinator supplies the pattern

You supply one fabric (in this case a 6"x wof dark)

You insert your fabric along with your name and the general direction you would like your block to take.

You recieve 19 other block baggies and go to town making them

On a designated day all 20 quilters meet and swap their completed blocks.(small party is in order)

I really enjoyed this and would definately sign up again. The monotony of making the same block over and over is alleviated by the fact that you get to pull different fabrics for each person.

As you look at my quilt, I supplied the argyle fabric and asked that the large blocks be dick and jane (ish) and the setting fabric be the dark and a solid "read". I loved each and every block. You probably can't see the quilting on this, but I had the quilter do an all over pattern of oldfashioned spinning tops and the swirls between look like the pull strings.

If you've participated in a swap, let me know your experiences and if you haven't...definately look for one to join!!

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