Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Quilt

Well, almost true to my word, I have another quilt photographed and ready to share. This was made for my 22 year old neice who requested it for Christmas. I had collected a stash of those funky, almost 70ish prints with no real purpose in mind...when I saw this pattern, I knew this was the quilt for them and she was the girl for the quilt....unfortunately, after my daughter saw the finished product (they are only 1 month apart in age) she fell in love and has requested one also. I don't know how you guys are, but I'm kind of a "one and done" girl. I really don't enjoy replicating a pattern more than once. Once I finish something, I'm looking forward to the next project and don't have the heart to repeat. On the upside, she does love most of what I make so I'm sure there's one on the horizon that will also call to her. In the meantime, I did also finish the bug quilt for my grandson (her son) so that should compensate a little. It is out at the machine soon as it returns it will be posted....I can't wait!
Pardon my grandson stealing the show, he jumps on every quilt that I try to bring into the room...I think if you look carefully, you can see his foot in the last quilt I


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