Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Merry Christmas - To Me !!

I accomplished all of my black friday shopping from the comfort of my dining table, in my pj's, with coffee cup in hand. I was actually contemplating heading out for one or two higher end electronics that were on sale...but when I hopped on to Amazon.com early that morning I found the same items significantly cheaper....not only cheaper, but as I shopped a notice came up that while I was shopping one item had dropped in price an additional dollar and I would get the updated lower price!! Not only that, but if I signed up for a free one month trial of something or other, I also got free shipping.... I was so excited by my deals that I treated myself to a the new Jennifer Chiaverini book.

If any of you follow the Elm Creek Quilt novels, you will know that the newest installment is The Quilters Kitchen (in photo). I love these books for the comaraderie and sharing of the quilters as well as how they quilt their way through their troubles with the help and support of each other. I can relate to this as I began quilting in 1997 and spent many a night quilting my way through my older childrens teen years and the agnst that those years bring with them! One more to go (sophmore)...wish me luck! P.S. - He's a great kid not tooooooo much to worry about :)

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