Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11, 2008

Well, this is my official first post....please bear with me and check back often as I begin this newest venture into my quilting journey. I am looking forward to sharing my work and hearing what you all are doing out there in the quilting world. I have spent many years as a self taught quilter and have only recently come out into the sunlight of the quilting community. Over the past several years I have begun both teaching and taking classes at my local shop and look forward to the next ventures.

Just to give you guys a hint of whats to come, I am currently working on an Amy Bradley pattern for my grandson and I will share a little of whats up on my design wall. I am venturing into the scary world of pattern writing which I hope to share with you all. Perhaps if I post the directions I can get feedback on the ease and clarity of instructions and you will have a free pattern at the end of it all!! Let me know your thoughts on that.

I also teach hand quilting which is a true love of mine. I am not, however, a hand-quilting "nazi". There are enough quilts in this world for both the hand and machine quilters and I do confess that many of mine go out for machine quilting!! I will not risk damage to my digits to hand quilt something that is meant to be dragged around and loved nor something going out to charity. Also, some quilts simply have way to many seams or too busy a design for hand quilting to show or be appreciated...these are also candiates for hand quilting. For those of you who hand quilt, let me know how you determine which method you should use?!

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