Saturday, November 22, 2008

Navigating Etsy Pounce & alchemy

I've been very caught up in the "Etsy" caught up that I haven't even taken pics of some of the things I want to add to my store. One click leads to another then so on and so forth until you have navigated your way through quite a few stores and listings. There are really great items to be had there and at reasonable prices. Given the fact that I have always loved crafting/quilting/sewing, I am really intrigued by the viability of a site devoted to the sale of such items and supplies. Many years ago I tried the craft sale circuit and found that quite a bit of time is spent setting up, breaking down, and generally making your crafts only to barely cover the rental of your space. I'm hoping this venture turns out to be much more lucrative. Right now, I only have vintage items listed in my store; however, with a feature called "pounce" you can check what has recently been sold. I find that I really like to check on this heartens me to know that handcrafted items are really selling and a way to find out what pricing the market will bear on certain items. Another great feature that I am exploring is called Alchemy..this part of the site allows people to list what they would like to have made, the ideal price they would like to pay, and when they need the item. I have placed several bids to make far no bids accepted, but another great way to make an item that someone really wants rather than make something first...investing time and money...only to let it sit in the store unpurchased. I will keep you updated on how all of this works out. In the meantime you can visit my etsy store at .

If any of you are etsy buyers/sellers let me know how your experience is going. I'm also interested in know if anyone is still doing the craft circuit and which ones/types you find to be the most profitable.

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