Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do you ETSY ?? November 15, 2008

So far in the past week I have heard the term "Etsy" at a minimum of four times. So I had to find out...what is it?? Lo and behold....a website dedicated to the sale of all things handcrafted (quilts included), supplies for handcrafters and vintage items...(must be 20 years or more old). This is FANTASTIC! Not only can you sell, but you can post for various crafting services or a particular item you are seeking.

I was one of the very early ebay sellers...waaaayyyyy before they went public (and I turned down the stock many ways can I kick myself for that! Some people were just not meant to be wealthy in dollars so I am one that counts the many other wealths in my life) I digress.....back to etsy.....very easy to set up and use the account.. VERY reasonable pricing and no bidding (except for items or services being sought). You simply set your price, put your item up for sale and wait until someone wants it. Some cool little tricks like "pounce" and even a blog spot.

I think before I put anything up that has actually come from my hands, I will try out the site with some vintage items. Got a really great deal several weeks ago at a yardsale....mountains of vintage buttons and some linens. If you etsy and want some of these great items, visit my etsy store at

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