Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Camera Troubles November 18,2008

I have a lovely new camera which seems very easy to use (plus it's purple who wouldn't love that); however, the software is less than user friendly. I took 4 photos last night and only two would transfer! The computer kept telling me that it was searching for duplicates and not transfering duplicates.....the problem is THERE WERE NO DUPLICATES!!! To add icing to the frustration cake, it plops photos into some arcane file that can never be found in the proper folders. The only way I can find them is to make sure I edit each one , then look in recently changed in order to upload it. I might have to actually go through the tutorial which is not really something I want to spend time on when I can be quilting, or managing my blog and etsy sites! For the most part I am very tech savvy so this is really a wake up call that maybe the technology is moving faster than I am?! Everything and everyone seems to be moving faster than me these days :)..... Oh, well I will try again later today to take the photo of the other three bug blocks.

And yes, even through this I was able to get the large center block assembled and fused and ready for its buttonhole treatment.

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