Monday, November 17, 2008

Back on Track November 17, 2008

Well it was a very long unproductive weekend. Sick kids, rainy weather, etc. Hopefully, today will find me back on track! All the pieces cut out for the final (huge 20x37) center block of my bug quilt. If I get it fused down at some point today, I can carry it around with me to finish the buttonhole edging. I prefer to do this by hand. Especially since it is all done in black to give the blocks a "cartoonish" look. On one block I tried a machine buttonhole, but no matter what I did it looked like a zig zag stitch! Bagged that idea and went back to hand stitching. It's nice to have some portable work anyway.
Let me know which method of fusible applique works for you... hand or machine?? Do you change methods depending on whether your using colored or mono threads?? or does the type of quilt determine your method??
I will post a photo of my design wall with the first 6 completed bugs either later today or first thing tomorrow so you can follow along the final leg of my "buggy" journey.

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