Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving/Birthday

To all of you a very happy turkey day. This is one of those years that my birthday actually falls on Thanksgiving day..(a birthday I also share with my sister-in-law..go figure!). And yes, I will be cooking on my birthday. Even though we are not a very large group...we are Italian and that in and of itself presents a multitude of cooking. We start out with a soup, usually escarole, followed by a Pasta, stuffed shell, that is then followed by the full Thanksgiving feast, turkey, mashed potatoes..sweet and white...roasted potatoes, corn, broccoli, cabbage, salad....and not to forget an assortment of desserts, fruits, nuts, etc. I get sick just thinking about it all.

Let me know how all of you celebrate be it big or small.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fa La La - November 23, 2008

It seems I've been sidetracked from by bug quilt. I had purchased some of those charm packs from Moda (I think I bought every christmas one) and they keep staring at me wondering what I'll ever do with them. Well I had a middle of the night epipheny and decided that I would make christmas stockings and list them on my etsy site. They are really turning out quite cute and since I always have assorted vintage buttons and trims around, not to mention the mountains of batting pieces that end up getting cut away from larger quilts but they are too large to toss. I found some funky chartruese green trim in my stash and the next ones will have a turquoise ball fringe trim...they are really quite cool....Photo of front and back of one...
Fa La La purging with a purpose!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Navigating Etsy Pounce & alchemy

I've been very caught up in the "Etsy" caught up that I haven't even taken pics of some of the things I want to add to my store. One click leads to another then so on and so forth until you have navigated your way through quite a few stores and listings. There are really great items to be had there and at reasonable prices. Given the fact that I have always loved crafting/quilting/sewing, I am really intrigued by the viability of a site devoted to the sale of such items and supplies. Many years ago I tried the craft sale circuit and found that quite a bit of time is spent setting up, breaking down, and generally making your crafts only to barely cover the rental of your space. I'm hoping this venture turns out to be much more lucrative. Right now, I only have vintage items listed in my store; however, with a feature called "pounce" you can check what has recently been sold. I find that I really like to check on this heartens me to know that handcrafted items are really selling and a way to find out what pricing the market will bear on certain items. Another great feature that I am exploring is called Alchemy..this part of the site allows people to list what they would like to have made, the ideal price they would like to pay, and when they need the item. I have placed several bids to make far no bids accepted, but another great way to make an item that someone really wants rather than make something first...investing time and money...only to let it sit in the store unpurchased. I will keep you updated on how all of this works out. In the meantime you can visit my etsy store at .

If any of you are etsy buyers/sellers let me know how your experience is going. I'm also interested in know if anyone is still doing the craft circuit and which ones/types you find to be the most profitable.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Camera Troubles November 18,2008

I have a lovely new camera which seems very easy to use (plus it's purple who wouldn't love that); however, the software is less than user friendly. I took 4 photos last night and only two would transfer! The computer kept telling me that it was searching for duplicates and not transfering duplicates.....the problem is THERE WERE NO DUPLICATES!!! To add icing to the frustration cake, it plops photos into some arcane file that can never be found in the proper folders. The only way I can find them is to make sure I edit each one , then look in recently changed in order to upload it. I might have to actually go through the tutorial which is not really something I want to spend time on when I can be quilting, or managing my blog and etsy sites! For the most part I am very tech savvy so this is really a wake up call that maybe the technology is moving faster than I am?! Everything and everyone seems to be moving faster than me these days :)..... Oh, well I will try again later today to take the photo of the other three bug blocks.

And yes, even through this I was able to get the large center block assembled and fused and ready for its buttonhole treatment.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bug Quilt Blocks

Back on Track November 17, 2008

Well it was a very long unproductive weekend. Sick kids, rainy weather, etc. Hopefully, today will find me back on track! All the pieces cut out for the final (huge 20x37) center block of my bug quilt. If I get it fused down at some point today, I can carry it around with me to finish the buttonhole edging. I prefer to do this by hand. Especially since it is all done in black to give the blocks a "cartoonish" look. On one block I tried a machine buttonhole, but no matter what I did it looked like a zig zag stitch! Bagged that idea and went back to hand stitching. It's nice to have some portable work anyway.
Let me know which method of fusible applique works for you... hand or machine?? Do you change methods depending on whether your using colored or mono threads?? or does the type of quilt determine your method??
I will post a photo of my design wall with the first 6 completed bugs either later today or first thing tomorrow so you can follow along the final leg of my "buggy" journey.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do you ETSY ?? November 15, 2008

So far in the past week I have heard the term "Etsy" at a minimum of four times. So I had to find out...what is it?? Lo and behold....a website dedicated to the sale of all things handcrafted (quilts included), supplies for handcrafters and vintage items...(must be 20 years or more old). This is FANTASTIC! Not only can you sell, but you can post for various crafting services or a particular item you are seeking.

I was one of the very early ebay sellers...waaaayyyyy before they went public (and I turned down the stock many ways can I kick myself for that! Some people were just not meant to be wealthy in dollars so I am one that counts the many other wealths in my life) I digress.....back to etsy.....very easy to set up and use the account.. VERY reasonable pricing and no bidding (except for items or services being sought). You simply set your price, put your item up for sale and wait until someone wants it. Some cool little tricks like "pounce" and even a blog spot.

I think before I put anything up that has actually come from my hands, I will try out the site with some vintage items. Got a really great deal several weeks ago at a yardsale....mountains of vintage buttons and some linens. If you etsy and want some of these great items, visit my etsy store at

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Its a Banner Day! November 12, 2008

Don't you just love the quilt in my banner...I certainly do! I took a photo of one of the vintage quilts in my collection. If you never knew what that bubble gum pink color from the 1930's really looked like...that's it!! This is a tumbling blocks quilt which uses that particular pink as the dark and assorted feedsack fabrics(mainly that little floral) as the light and medium values.

And speaking of banners I have to share my favorite sign with you. Several years ago I was at a local auction and this street sign came up for sale.....well you just know my paddle was going up until it was mine. What are the chances that not only did my name appear (spelled fru fru "y" ) but the cross sign is my grandmother's name! Thank goodness there were not many other interested Robin's or Rose's in the room that This sign resides in my little front garden beside my front steps and now that grandmother has passed it is a daily reminder of her.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photo Correction 11/11/08

For anyone who might have made and early visit to my blog...I am not a featherweight! I have finally found a photo of myself suitable for public viewing....and I used to be so photogenic :(...
That being said, I have uploaded a photo to replace the featherweight and here I am....notice my top matches the quilt in the background?! so not planned!

November 11, 2008

Well, this is my official first post....please bear with me and check back often as I begin this newest venture into my quilting journey. I am looking forward to sharing my work and hearing what you all are doing out there in the quilting world. I have spent many years as a self taught quilter and have only recently come out into the sunlight of the quilting community. Over the past several years I have begun both teaching and taking classes at my local shop and look forward to the next ventures.

Just to give you guys a hint of whats to come, I am currently working on an Amy Bradley pattern for my grandson and I will share a little of whats up on my design wall. I am venturing into the scary world of pattern writing which I hope to share with you all. Perhaps if I post the directions I can get feedback on the ease and clarity of instructions and you will have a free pattern at the end of it all!! Let me know your thoughts on that.

I also teach hand quilting which is a true love of mine. I am not, however, a hand-quilting "nazi". There are enough quilts in this world for both the hand and machine quilters and I do confess that many of mine go out for machine quilting!! I will not risk damage to my digits to hand quilt something that is meant to be dragged around and loved nor something going out to charity. Also, some quilts simply have way to many seams or too busy a design for hand quilting to show or be appreciated...these are also candiates for hand quilting. For those of you who hand quilt, let me know how you determine which method you should use?!